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How to Find a Routine with CBD

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How to Find a Routine with CBD


You already know why you need CBD in your life—now discover how to incorporate it in your routine from when you first hit snooze in the morning to going back to sleep at night.

In the morning

When we go into sleep mode our body naturally gets warmer. While this is great because it allows skin to absorb products more readily – it also makes it easier to lose moisture. Since we can’t hydrate while sleeping, by the time our alarm goes off, our body is desperate for water. Our Vitamin E Oil can help with that – and can be used as a facial oil to moisturize and soften skin!

After showering

Before completely drying off, pick up our Castor Hair and Skin Oil. Keeping hair and skin slightly damp as you apply the oil allows it to mingle with the water and help better retain that moisture. Apply our Body Butter next to help lock-in hydration and soften skin. Bonus! Our body butter has a thick and creamy texture that allows it to spread on skin easily and effortlessly without feeling heavy.

During breakfast

Now’s the time to make use of our CBD oil drops! Our CBD oil drops contain our highest concentrations of hemp-derived CBD oil and can be easily mixed into your favorite drinks or taken on its own! Made with only four natural ingredients – hemp-derived CBD oil, grapeseed, bergamot, and mint oils – these drops are mildly flavored and help bring about an overall feeling of harmony so you can have a great start to your day!

Before heading out the door

(or at end of the night) apply our Lavender Serenity Essential Oil Duo. Made with the gentle, floral-fresh scent of pure Lavender Essential Oil, our serenity set helps bring an overall sense of wellness and balance. Here’s an insider tip – keep this oil in your bag so you can apply it whenever for on-the-go calm!

In the evening

Maybe you’ve been powerwalking and running errands all day, or you’ve just finished an intense workout at the gym – either way, our Epsom Salts are great for soaking tired feet. For an extra boost, pick up our Arnica Muscle Rub.

In the shower

If it’s #selfcaresunday (or let’s face any day of the week) you know what to do – reach for our CBD bath bomb! Just turn on a little music, drop one in, and enjoy!

So, you see, incorporating CBD in your routine is easy! And remember, always consult with a physician first to make sure CBD is right for you!

Happy CBD-ing! 

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